Important links to help you better understand the Sport of Diving and provide you with more information from around the globe.








Other (continued)

  • Working With Vulnerable People - A WWVP registration is needed if you work with children
  • Sport & Recreation - A valuable website which provides information on Grants/Funding, Child Safety in Sport, Diversity & Inclusion and much much more
  • DiveRecorder - Online platform where dive sheets need to be submitted, calendar of events and live results

Diving related

  • Flip 'n' Rip - A great source of information about Springboard & Platform Diving
  • Olympics youtube channel - The best videos and replays of some of the best divers in the world
  • Greg Louganis - Greg Louganis is considered the greatest diver in history with consecutive Olympic medals
  • Springboards and more - A great shop for all diving (in & out of water) materials & equipment